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Assorted Color Tone Vinyl Sheets Packs ( 8 PCS)

Assorted Color Tone Vinyl Sheets Packs ( 8 PCS)

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Pink Tone Sheets pack.  

Size: 12"x12"X8PCS       

Colors: Glitter Carnation, Shimmer Gold Pink, Opal Peach Yellow Pink, Glitter Champagne Pink, Glass Flower Fushia, 001M-Sweet Pink, Mirror Chrome Royal Pink,001G-Millennial Pink

Green Tone Sheets Pack

Size: 12"x12"X8PCS       

Colors: Holo Sparkle Green, Glass Flower Aqua, Pattern Green Mermaid, Opal Forest Green, Opal Peacock Blue, Holographic Emerald Green, Satin Chrome Emerald Green, Mirror Chrome Emerald Green

Rose Gold Tone Sheets Pack   

Size: 12"x12"X 8 PCS

Colors: Holo Sparkle Rose Gold, Holo Sparkle Glitter Mermaid Pink, Glass Flower Rose Gold, Holographic Rose Gold, Satin Chrome Rose Gold, Bubble Free Mirror Chrome Purple Pink, Mirror Chrome Rose Gold, Textured Metallic Rose Gold

Silver Tone Sheets Pack

Size: 12"x12"X 8 PCS   

Colors: Holo Sparkle Silver, Textured Metallic Sliver, Glass Flower Silver, Cobblestone Sliver, Holographic Matte Silver, Holographic Glossy Silver, Satin Chrome Sage Silver, Mirror Chrome Silver

Purple Tone Sheets Pack

Size: 12"x12"X 8 PCS    

Colors: Opal Hyacinth Blue, Satin Chrome Violet Purple, Holo Sparkle Purple, Glitter Grape, Glass Flower Fushia, Cobblestone Purple, Rainbow Stripes-Starry Purple, Glow In the Dark Purple


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