Wholesale Program

Teckwrap Craft Wholesale Program

Vinyl Craft Wholesale Program of TeckWrap Craft

If you need a bulk order of vinyl or want to resell TeckWrap vinyl, avail of the vinyl craft wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft. Enjoy big discounts by availing the wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft. Simply send an email to craft@teckwrap.com and one of our professional representatives will get back to you soon.

TeckWrap Craft ships inside and outside the U.S. You can register on the wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft and avail of the adhesive craft vinyl, heat transfer vinyl and the accessories too. Reach out to us now and send an email to avail of the wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft

The Benefits of Buying Vinyl Wholesale

If you're a business owner of a printing shop or plan to be a distributor, you know that buying wholesale comes with plenty of benefits. Here are several benefits of availing the wholesale program of TeckWrap Craft:

  • Buying in bulk means you can enjoy discounted prices
  • No more waiting time for the vinyl you wanted to be shipped to your house
  • A great business idea with small investment and big returns 

If you intend to become a reseller or distributor of TeckWrap Craft, whether in a walk-in craft store or online, you are carrying a craft brand that’s trusted and well-known. With minimal marketing, TeckWrap Craft products will sell themselves. 

Here at TeckWrap Craft, you can wholesale the following products — craft adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, beer can glasses and other crafting accessories like weeding pen, cutting mats and transfer tape. Here are the products available at TeckWrap Craft. 

Feel free to send us an email if you're interested in becoming a dealer of TeckWrap Craft Vinyl!!