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Puff HTV Sheets Pack

Puff HTV Sheets Pack

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Pastel Pack:   Pastel Yellow, Light Salmon, Pastel Orange, Camel, Chocolate, Pale Green, Matcha, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Barbie Pink, Beige, Tiffany, Coral Pink and Lilac ( 10"x12"x14PCS)

Basic Pack: Blue, Black, White, Red, Purple,Yellow,Orange,Neon Yellow, Dark Green, Silver( 10''x12''x10PCS)

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Benefits of Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Easy to use: Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl is an all-in-one product that requires no additional carrier or adhesive.
  • Cuttable: You can cut your design with any standard vinyl cutter.
  • Versatile: Puff HTV can be applied to a wide range of products including athletic wear, hoodies, t-shirts, and more.

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