Glossy/Matte Vinyl at TeckWrap Craft: Adhesive and Heat Transfer Vinyl

Matte vs glossy? What kind of vinyl do you need? Today, you’re going to learn the answers here. It’s also your lucky day as you’ll get to choose from the glossy and matte finish collections of TeckWrap Craft. So whether you’re looking for craft vinyl or heat transfer vinyl, TeckWrap Craft has great selections available in different colors and designs. 

What is matte vinyl?

As the word matte implies, this type of vinyl does not shine. Yes, matte means dull and flat, but the colors of matte vinyls of TeckWrap Craft are guaranteed vibrant. Matte vinyl does not shine when exposed to light or in other words have a low glare finish — the major difference between glossy and matte vinyl. 

What you’ll love about matte vinyl is the subdued and elegant touch, perfect for creating projects with an antique or vintage feel. Also, with matte vinyl you won’t have to worry about fingerprint marks leaving behind. 

As compared to gloss-finish vinyls where fingerprint or smudges must always be wiped off. That’s why you’ll see many matte vinyl banners and matte wall decals because commercial establishments don't want to deal with those fingerprint smudges. Plus, the elegant feels of matte banners will always make a statement. 

What is glossy vinyl?

Glossy vinyl has a high glare effect in bright lighting conditions. Glossy vinyl has a smooth finish, as compared to matter vinyl with a dull finish. This type of vinyl is best used to create stickers especially for outdoor applications. 

Glossy stickers compared to matte stickers will always pop out. Don’t get this wrong, a matte sticker finish looks great. But glossy sticker finish especially for car decals is a better choice.

Glossy vinyl looks like a laminate material that’s eye-catching especially when light hits it. Glossy sticker finishes offer a different kind of glow that a matte sticker finish just can’t achieve. 

However, the issue with gloss vinyl is that it's susceptible to fingerprint smudges. So better use gloves when handling gloss vinyl. So without further ado, here are the matte and glossy vinyl products available at TeckWrap Craft. 

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Glossy Adhesive Vinyl

001G Series Craft Vinyl (Glossy)

001G Series Craft Vinyl (Glossy)

Create glossy stickers and personalize art projects using the 001G Series Craft Vinyl. Whether you’re creating a wall decal or a personalized tumbler, you’ll love this glossy vinyl. 

You can create plenty of projects using this glossy vinyl. This will look great on personalized tumbler, mugs, window graphics, wall decals, book cover, scrapbooks

  • Available in 24 different colors
  • Permanent vinyl
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable, soft, flexible an easy to work with
  • Best used for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Available sizes: 12" x 10ft, 12" x 5ft, 12" x 82ft 

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New Glossy Adhesive Craft Vinyl

New Glossy Adhesive Craft Vinyl

If you want your projects to look like actual paint was used, then you should use the New Glossy Adhesive Craft Vinyl. This vibrant collection of glossy vinyl is a certain eye-candy. 

This vinyl adheres well to any type of surface like metal, glass, wood, and any plastic surface. As expected, glossy stickers will look great on any type of project. Of course, the sticker surface will glow when light glares upon it. 

  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Available sizes: 12" x 10ft, 12" x 5ft, 12" x 82ft 
  • For indoor applications only
  • Compatible with almost all types of craft cutters
  • Resembles an actual paint finish

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Matte Adhesive Vinyl

001M Series Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl

001M Series Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl

Do you want an elegant, vintage feel on your craft project? Then the 001M Series Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl is the best choice. Not only will it look great on merchandise like tumblers or mugs, but are great for making matte vinyl banners as well. 

Matte stickers using the 001M Series Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl will make any work of art simple yet classy. 

Feel free to use it for wall and window art, scrapbooking, book covers, banner art, and mugs. The colors are waterproof and durable making your vinyl art look beautiful and fresh for a long time!   

  • Available size: 12" x 10ft. (0.3 x 3.1m)
  • Available in 21 unique color options 
  • Waterproof and great for outdoor use

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New Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl

New Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl

Another matte vinyl that will make a great collection to your craft projects is the New Matte Adhesive Craft Vinyl. It’s matte finish is one of a kind and is simply elegant. 

Its pearly smooth finish would look great on any surface. You’ll especially love its salmon pink and rose gold version. 

  • Available size: 12" x 10ft
  • Available in 16 colors
  • Permanent adhesive craft vinyl
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use

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Glossy Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glossy Pearlescent Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glossy Heat Transfer Vinyl

Are you looking for a 3-in-1 heat transfer vinyl that’s glossy, metallic and pearlescent, the Glossy Pearlescent Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl of TeckWrap Craft must be used on your next project. 

It has a satiny light diffusion that looks elegant on any clothing. This HTV will look great on cotton shirts, hoodies, hats, and even pillowcases. This glossy vinyl ensures durability when pressed on a garment. 

  • Available size: 10” x 5ft 
  • Heat press temperature: 
  • 130℃ (266℉) to 140℃ (284℉)
  • Heat press time: 8-12 seconds
  • Medium pressure

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Matte Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glow In The Dark Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl (Matte)

Matte Heat Transfer Vinyl

Do you want a one-of-a-kind printing project? One that looks somehow embossed? Then this heat transfer vinyl is something you should have. Get this: it glows in the dark! 

This Glow In The Dark Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl may look like a glossy vinyl once bought. But when once pressed, it has a matte finish that’s puff for a greater print detail. 

  • Available size: 10"x5ft 
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Matte finish when heat pressed
  • Embossed or puffed effect

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PU Heat Transfer Vinyl (Matte)

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl (Matte)

You don’t like the glow in the dark effect? That’s okay, TeckWrap Craft got the regular matte PU Heat Transfer Vinyl. It looks shiny at first, but once pressed, its neon colors will look great and have a matte finish once heat pressed.

You’ll love the effect of this matte vinyl regardless of any garment you print it to. Its puffy effect will look great on any clothing brand. 

  • Available size: 12” x5ft
  • Available in 25 colors (neon and regular)
  • Best printed on garments and polyester 

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Glossy/matte vinyl? The type of vinyl you’ll use depends on the goal of your project. But there’s one thing you need to know, whether it be glossy stickers, matte stickers or shirts with glossy finish, TeckWrap Craft has a great selection of glossy and matte vinyl. 

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