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TeckwrapCraft weeder is a versatile tool with an angled tip perfect for removing tiny negative cuts and excess vinyl from lettering or a design that has been shaped on the cutter/plotter. It comes in a durable storage box that can be easily carried around.

Weeding can be a tedious and time-consuming task especially if it is an intricate design. TeckwrapCraft weeder is made up of sturdy stainless steel that does not bend or break. Hence it gives you the necessary assistance making the whole process smoother and quicker for better results. Its fine tip allows you to weed with speed and accuracy even in small cavities and niches. Just hold the tool by the handle and push the hook through an excess piece of vinyl you want to remove at an angle. Make sure that you are going through the vinyl and not the paper at the back. Slide the hook underneath the vinyl and lift the excess away. Remove it from the hook then push through again wherever required according to the design.

Ideal for creating decals, this Weeder is perfect for all vinyl and iron-on types. It is great for vinyl that’s thicker and more difficult to weed, like glitter, thicker iron-on vinyl, and mesh. In the crafting world, TeckwrapCraft weeder is your best companion for excellent results.

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