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UV Color Changing Vinyl

UV Color Changing Vinyl

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Our UV color-changing adhesive vinyl is a fantastic choice for home décor. This vinyl changes to delicate colors of purple, pink, and blue when exposed to UV light or sunlight. Create eye-catching decals and designs to stick up on your windows and walls.

The moment they catch the sunlight, your vinyl creations will light up in colors. Our color shift vinyls are soft and easy to use. With a permanent adhesive, they effortlessly come off the carrier sheet for a flawless and smooth application.

Easy to cut and trim, the vinyl is flexible enough to make small letters and fine designs. The vinyl returns to a white, translucent color when UV light is blocked.

Color changes when exposed to UV light. 

  • Light purple to purple
  • Light pink to pink
  • Light green to blue 


  • Size: 
    • 12" x 5ft  ( 0.305 x 1.55m) 
    • 12" x 10ft  (0.305 x 3.1m)
    • 12" x 82ft  (0.305 x 25m)
  • Permanent adhesive 
  • Efficiently responds to UV light/sunlight exposure
  • Easy, clutter-free cutting and weeding 
  • Smooth wrinkle-free application 
  • Soft, ultra-thin vinyl material for making fine designs and small letters
  • Ideal for wall decals, window graphics, car mirrors, signage art, laptop skins, scrapbooking, mugs, and cups. 
  • Surface-friendly 
  • Compatible with all craft cutters and vinyl plotters 

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