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tessmadeit_ Retro Mushroom 4 Rolls Vinyl Bundle (16oz SVG Included)

tessmadeit_ Retro Mushroom 4 Rolls Vinyl Bundle (16oz SVG Included)

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tessmadeit_ 4 Rolls Vinyl Bundle

Tess of tessmadeit_ designed this SVG specifically for us. Vinyls & colors in the bundle are what she recommends for the design. A 16oz Libbey Glass SVG file is attached so you will get both vinyls and the design when you place the order.

SVG Description:

Bundle Description:

  • The bundle includes 4 rolls of adhesive vinyl.
  • Colors from 001 Matte Series: Coconut White and Sweet Pink.
  • Size: 12” x 10ft x 2rolls
  • Textured Metallic Rose Gold.
  • Size: 12” x 5ft x 1roll
  • Bubble Free Mirror Chrome Begonia Rose.
  • Size: 12” x 5ft x 1roll

Layering Tips For This Design:

  • Welded white bottom layer with the floral is for layout guidance.
  • Rose gold layer next for guidance of other loose elements.
  • Both pinks have been left loose to save on vinyl & freehand.
  • There's a second set of white that has been left loose to cut on its own. The top mushroom details were left loose so the other white could act as a guide. Feel free to weld all white to save on vinyl if you prefer to freehand all your elements.
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