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TeckWrapCraft Mini Press

TeckWrapCraft Mini Press

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The Mini Heat Press Machine is a dream come true for DIY crafters. This small heating device might be mini in size but it has high functionality and is perfect for both crafting novices and enthusiasts!

The mini heat press machine is a very handy and useful gadget one can have at home. It is an all-in-one, hand-held heat press machine for those who love to work with heat transfer vinyl transforming T-shirts, hats, and shoes into stunning pieces of art.

How Does it Work

Our Mini Heat Press Machine allows you to create and craft your imagination into reality. Give your customized t-shirts, hats, shoes, and other items a professional look. It can also be used as a mini iron. Just put your desired clothing item on a flat surface then place your design carved out with the HTV on the clothing. Click on the power button and press the design. The machine will evenly distribute heat all over the pattern.

Our Mini Heat Press Machine easily glides over the fabric and can even press in places that are hard to reach such as between buttons. It has three different temperature settings for your ease: Low temperature - 284 (140); medium temperature - 320(160), and high temperature - 374 (190). It is perfect for small designs and projects. If you want to transfer vinyl onto baby shoes, cap, pockets or hats, this is the perfect heating device for you.

Compatible with all heat transfer vinyl, the heat press can be easily carried around in a bag. It has all safety features to keep you safe from any hazards. It has a hollow insulated base and a timer that automatically turns off after 10 mins of inactivity which saves you and your loved ones from any burns and accidents.

For those who love to work with heat transfer vinyl and display their aesthetic abilities through small scale crafts and projects, this mini heat press machine is a must-have! 



  • Portable, handy and lightweight.
  • A cozy handle for firm grip.
  • Thermal transfer pedal with a safety base.
  • Audible beep reminder.
  • A drawstring tiny bag included to carry it safely anywhere and a long cord.
  • Colors available: Matcha and White



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