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Satin Chrome Vinyl Sheets Pack (10 PCS)

Satin Chrome Vinyl Sheets Pack (10 PCS)

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Teckwrap Craft’s Metallic Satin Chrome Vinyl  is a must-have art supply! Create beautiful, deluxe wall decals, auto graphics, signage, and handcraft that will instantly delight your clients. The gorgeous, satiny sheen is perfect for attention-grabbing wall letters, book covers, laptop stickers, and window graphics.  Suitable for all your crafty home décor projects, this metallic vinyl is super-smooth with chrome sheen that easily sticks on and transfers from surface to surface. And the best part? It’s dust-resistant and maintenance-free so you won’t ever have to fret about replacing the vinyl.    

Enjoy long-lasting adhesive power that ensures your artistic decals and stickers hold up well throughout the seasons. Living true to our quality standards, Teckwrap Craft invests only in the most durable vinyl that endures harsh elements and promises zero wear-and-tear. Its conformable material means you can cut and weed this vinyl in a jiffy! Ideal for most craft cutters, sign plotters, and die cutters, our Metallic Satin Chrome Adhesive vinyl rolls are versatile, surface-friendly, and guarantees an unmatched craft experience!  


  • Size: 12"x12"X 10PCS
  • Bright Vibes Colors: Lime Green, Rose Pink, Cayenne Orange, Gold Passion, Cool Blue, Rose Gold, Grass Green, Violet Purple, Velvet Blue, Crimson Red
  • Basic Vibes Colors:  Sage Silver, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Velvet Blue, Violet Purple,   Emerald Green, Ash Grey, Crimson Red, Dark Green, Maroon
  • Extremely Durable with a smooth surface
  • Satiny, matte finish that resembles high-quality paint
  • Waterproof adhesive 
  • Can be cut to any shape or size without any clutter 
  • Perfect for making wall decals, signage, auto graphics, book covers, etc. 
  • Incredibly versatile 

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