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20 Rolls Holographic Chrome Craft Vinyl Bundle

20 Rolls Holographic Chrome Craft Vinyl Bundle

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20 Rolls Craft Vinyl Bundle

Product Description:
Size: 12"x5ft. x 20 rolls 

Group A: Opal White, Opal Peach Yellow Pink, Opal Forest Green, Opal Fluorescent Orange, Opal Coral Orange, Chrome Silver, Chrome Rose Gold, Chrome Red, Chrome Gold, Chrome Brown, Holographic Silver, Holographic Luxury Gold, Holographic Dark Gray, Holographic Pink, Holographic Lilac, Holographic Apple Green, Holographic Wine Red, Glitter Mermaid Pink, Glass Flower Silver, Holographic Sparkle Blue

Group B: Dusty Matte Ocean Purple, Dusty Matte Olive, Dusty Matte Dark Blue, Textured Metallic Gold, Colorful Pearl White, Colorful Pearl Pink, Candy Color Rainbow Stripes, Opal White, Opal Hot Pink, Holographic Silver, Chrome Iris Purple, Glitter Mermaid Dark Gray, Holographic Sparkle Green, Satin Metallic Champagne Gold, Satin Metallic Cayenne Orange, Colorful Shimmer Tiffany, Shimmer Silver, Burst Glitter Orange, Rainbow Stripes Sunrise, Neon Cold Color Change Neon Yellow to Green

Group C: Colorful Pearl Tiffany, Colorful Pearl Black, Colorful Pearl Yellow, Colorful Shimmer White, Colorful Shimmer Hot Pink, Colorful Shimmer Baby Blue, Candy Color Sparkle Fluid, Shimmer Gold Lime, Dusty Matte Neon Orange, Dusty Matte Lime, Burst Glitter Silver, Glitter Grape, Textured Metallic Champagne Gold, Opal Hyacinth Blue, Opal Peach Yellow Pink, Bubble Free Chrome Lime, Satin Metallic Gold Passion, Satin Metallic Cool Blue, Glass Flower Rose Gold, Holo Matte Silver

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