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Sample Book Set

Sample Book Set

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Our Sample Book Set is one of our best-sellers amongst art ‘n craft lovers. Get an exciting sneak peek into 5 stunning sample booklets and a stylish complementary weeding pen. This premium book set has a smooth, luxurious feel. It pops open to a beautiful display of booklets that each contain irresistible vinyl samples in exciting colors, designs, and patterns. Our customers can feel and try each vinyl sample so they know exactly what to order next time. 

The book set includes: 

  1. TWC 001 Series Vinyl 
  2. Opal & Holo Vinyl
  3. Patterned & Color Change Vinyl
  4. Patterned Holographic and Glitter Vinyl
  5. New Arrival Vinyl

Our TWC 001 Series Vinyls are simple yet stylish. They come in either a matte or glossy finish so you can choose the best one for your art projects. The colors are divine. You will find a vinyl sample of every color - light or dark - on the spectrum! 

Opal & Holo Vinyls are our hottest selling craft vinyls. Glowing in stunning, luminous colors, both Opal and Holo vinyls shine and sparkle beautifully. The texture of the vinyls is soft, ultra-thin, and flexible making them ideal for lustrous wall decals and window graphics. 

The third booklet contains Color Changing and Patterned Vinyls that switch to beautiful colors when exposed to UV light or cold temperature. With a glossy finish, these vinyl samples come in striking colors giving you lots of options to choose from. 

Patterned Holographic and Glitter Vinyls contain a luxurious sample collection of glossy, dazzling vinyls in exciting colors and fun patterns. The vinyls are soft, shiny, and ideal for making wall decals, window graphics, mirror art, and signages.

Teckwrap Craft vinyls are ultra-thin and flexible allowing you to carve delicate designs and small letters without a fuss. Each vinyl sample has a smooth, glossy or matte finish that will give beauty and depth to your art and home décor projects!

Enrich your vinyl craft collection with our perfectly-sized vinyl samples, each one wonderfully unique in color, pattern, and size. Our vinyls are easy to transfer, durable, and remain fresh through the seasons. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your crafty journey today! 


  • Size: 7"x9.17"( package); 1.63"x4.72"( each sample book)
  • 5 books + 1 weeding pen(pink scales or black); each books come with SKUs and names
  • Extremely durable and resistant to harsh elements 
  • Sample Book Set in unique colors, pattern, and size 
  • Perfect for art and home décor projects 
  • Ultra-thin and flexible vinyl material 
  • Easy cutting and weeding to any shape, size, contour, or angle 
  • Quick and easy transfer 
  • Ideal for making wall decals, window graphics, signage, banner art, scrapbooking 



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