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Glitter UV Color Changing Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glitter UV Color Changing Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Unleash a world of color-changing excitement with our UV glitter heat transfer vinyl, specially designed to add a touch of surprise and delight to your heat-transfer projects. This innovative material is UV-activated, transforming magically when exposed to sunlight, creating captivating designs that stand out in any setting.

Endless Creative Possibilities: Whether you're crafting apparel, accessories, or everyday items that venture outdoors, our UV glitter color-changing vinyl is the perfect addition to elevate your projects. Watch as your designs come to life in the sun, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who catches a glimpse.

Unrivaled Brilliance and Magic: Experience the brilliance of our UV glitter vinyl as it effortlessly adheres to various fabrics, promising long-lasting results that retain their vibrant allure. Every garment or accessory transformed with this vinyl becomes a canvas of enchantment, providing an interactive and mesmerizing experience for both creators and admirers.

Quick and Effortless Application: With our UV glitter color-changing heat transfer vinyl, bringing your designs to life is just a quick cut and press away. Apply your captivating creations to t-shirts, bags, or any fabric with ease, and watch as the sunlight reveals the hidden magic within your designs.

Elevate Your Creations: Step into the world of wonder and creativity with our UV glitter color-changing heat transfer vinyl. Add a touch of whimsy to your custom apparel, design standout accessories, or create unique gifts that leave a lasting impression. Unleash the magic of sunlight and transform your projects into vibrant masterpieces.

Elevate your crafting game and bring a touch of magic to your designs with UV glitter color-changing heat transfer vinyl. Explore the endless possibilities, surprise and delight your audience, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of color-changing fun under the sun!


  • 10"x 5ft. roll (0.25*1.55m);10"x 82ft. roll (0.25*25m)
  • Fabric-friendly heat transfer vinyl for shirts, bags, hoodies, hats, aprons. 
  • Washing-machine friendly 
  • Incredibly stretchable, lightweight, and thin for easy cutting and sticking
  • Cutter-free cutting and weeding to any shape, size, contour, and angle 


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