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CRICUT JOY 5.5"x120" Adhesive Craft Vinyl

CRICUT JOY 5.5"x120" Adhesive Craft Vinyl

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Make out-of-the-box art projects that win hearts with our super-crafty Adhesive Vinyl. Available in matte, glossy, and opal colors, these ready-to-cut vinyl rolls are versatile, smooth, and easy to transfer to any solid surface.

Let your imagination run wild with eye-catching wall decals, custom vinyl stickers, artistic window and mirror graphics, car signage, and banner art. This vinyl is fully compatible with Cricut Joy so you can easily cut and weed the images you love!

Our vinyl rolls produce consistent results each time and are durable to be used for many, many art projects. The material is soft and easy to cut to any shape, design, or pattern that can be used to style your interior, personal workspace, or even a gift! 


  • Permanent Adhesive 
  • Compatible with Cricut Joy 
  • Available in glossy, matte, holographic, and opal colors 
  • Incredibly versatile and easy to use
  • Ready-to-cut, thin, and soft material
  • Easy cutting and weeding to any shape, design, or pattern
  • Ideal for making wall decals, window graphics, mirror graphics, car signage, home décor, banner art, and scrapbooking
  • Quick transfer and smooth application without wrinkles 
  • Compatible with most craft cutters and vinyl plotters

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