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Christmas Ornaments Blanks

Christmas Ornaments Blanks

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With the festive season around the corner, you don’t want your Christmas tree to lack those cheerful and merry vibes that create the holiday spirit? Put your jolly Christmas cap on and click to buy clear acrylic Christmas ornaments at TeckWrap Craft.

Our decorative Christmas ornaments are made from fine quality acrylic that is transparent and does not break or bend under pressure. They bond well with adhesives and are a delight to work with. Simply remove the protective film from both sides and start creating intricate and stunning designs. With a small hole at the top, they are easy to hang. You can either use a colorful string or a dainty ribbon to hang them wherever you want. Sturdy and firm, they can be used over a long period of time without any deterioration in quality.

Our clear Christmas ornaments give you a lot of freedom to decorate them in many different ways. You could use paints, crayons, paint pens or even glitter to beautifully embellish them spreading good cheer all around. They work well with both self-adhesive and heat transfer vinyl giving you more room for creativity. The different vinyl designs are sure to add that Midas touch to your holiday decorations.

The clear Christmas ornaments can also be used to add that festive feeling to home décor and elevate the look of a room. You can use them in the kitchen, bedroom, dining room or anywhere you deem fit. You could make personalized gifts for your loved ones, give them as party favors or create present tags. You can even make festive keychains with them. Hence they not only provide you with a blank canvas to create any colorful design you want but are also versatile!

Bringing creativity into play, bedeck the ornaments with your heart and soul, then not only decorate that glorious green emblem of life, the Christmas tree, that you have so lovingly placed near the hearth but also the space around creating an aura of merriment and joy all over. After all, it’s party time!


  • Material: Plain waterproof acrylic.
  • Covered with a protective film for scratch-free delivery.
  • Each set contains 10 pieces
  • Available in Round and Tree.
  • Sizes:   Round 7.5*8.5cm// Tree 8*10cm

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