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Colorful HTV Sheets Pack ( 10 PCS)

Colorful HTV Sheets Pack ( 10 PCS)

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Gear up for winters with a stylish hoodie designed with our Colorful Splash Heat Transfer Vinyl and PU Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl. Easy to weed and transfer, this gorgeous vinyl can be iron-pressed on t-shirts, hats, bags, and even pillowcases!

Create eye-catching shapes, patterns, and lettering to decorate your favorite fashion pieces at half the cost! These iron-on vinyl rolls are super-adhesive and waterproof, which means the color remains fresh and vibrant even after many washes.

The thin and stretchable feel allows you to carve out even the smallest letters and shapes without trouble. Compatible with most craft cutters, enjoy easy cutting and weeding with zero clutter! 



  • 12”x10"x 4 PCS; 12”x12"x 6 PCS ( including 10 colors)
  • Colorful Splash Heat Transfer Vinyl and PU Rainbow Stripes Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Colors: Berry, Soda, Ocean, Grape, Rainbow, Sunrise, Starry Green, Starry Gray, Starry Purple, Lime Red
  • Extremely durable and resistant to harsh elements 
  • Ideal for smooth cotton fabric surfaces like t-shirts, hoodies, bags, hats, and pillowcases 
  • Thin, stretchable material makes for quick and easy transfer 
  • Attractive, glossy finish 
  • Washing-machine friendly 
  • Easy cutting and weeding of fine designs and small letters  
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