Create Amazing Projects with TeckWrap Craft’s Opal Holographic Vinyl

Holographic opal vinyl is a great collection from TeckWrap Craft that gives you amazing patterns that are dazzling to look at. You don't have to box yourself using plain regular vinyl. With holographic opal vinyl you can have fun with leopard prints, mermaid scales, dots, cubes, rhombus, and other geometric patterns.

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Rolls

Another fun permanent adhesive vinyl to play and experiment with are holographic opal vinyl. Before looking deeper into holographic opal vinyl, it would be advantageous on your part if you have tried opal vinyl and holographic vinyl.

Opal and holographic vinyl share almost the same characteristics as other similar vinyl sheets. They can be applied on the same types of surfaces and fabrics. No wonder, TeckWrap Craft came up with the brilliant idea to merge these two vinyls.

Opal Craft Vinyl

opal and holographic vinyl

Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

Opal adhesive vinyl is a great vinyl choice for artistic crafters. This vinyl comes in 13 beautiful and flashy colors. The chrome finish rolls come in three different sizes - 12” x 5ft, 12” x 10ft, and 12” x 82ft.

You use opal vinyl on scrapbooks, wall decals, mugs, glasses, gadget decals, and even book covers. The adhesive is excellent and durable making it easy to cut, weed, and transfer. Opal vinyl is surface friendly and can be used for multi application.

Color: Hyacinth Blue Opal and Holo Vinyl
Color: Hyacinth Blue
Also Available in Hot Pink, Beige Orange, Forest Green, Fierce Red, Sunset Pink, Coral Orange, and Many More

Opal vinyl is waterproof, and also resistant to wear and tear. You can use a low adhesive cutting mat, weeding hook, and high tack transfer tape for opal vinyl. Opal vinyl is compatible with most vinyl machines, sign plotters, die cutters, and other crafting cutters. Doing a test cut is always recommended.

If your artistic self is craving more opal vinyl, check out TeckWrap Craft’s pearlescent opal vinyl. The pearlescent opal vinyl shows a luminous glow which makes the eight vinyl colors stand out all the more.

Pearlescent Opal Vinyl in Fluorescent Yellow
Pearlescent Opal Vinyl in Fluorescent Yellow
Also Available in Green Malachite, Hyacinth Blue, Coral Orange, Peacock Blue, and Fierce Red

This vinyl is versatile, durable, water-resistant, and can easily stick to any surface without any hassle at all. These are super-smooth vinyl that can resemble quality paintwork. Pearlescent opal vinyl can be used on book covers, car windows, and laptop skins.

The pearlescent opal vinyl has no protective layer. When using this vinyl, matte transfer tape and purple grid transfer tape are recommended to be used for easy and hassle-free transfer.

Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

Opal Heat Transfer Vinyl

Opal is a fun and stylish vinyl to be applied to different things. Because it is super-glossy and colorful, you can't help but ask if there is an HTV available too. Yes, there is a TeckWrap Craft opal heat transfer vinyl that you can add to your cart!

Color: Green Malachite opal holographic vinyl
Color: Green Malachite

Also Available in Opal White

Opal HTV comes in two different colors that can create luxurious designs for different fabrics. This 12” x 5ft HTV can be applied on 100% cotton fabrics. It can also be applied to shirts, hats, bags, and costumes.

Opal HTV is thin and smooth which makes it easy to cut, weed, and transfer. It is compatible with most craft cutters. Handwashing is the recommended method for washing garments with opal HTV.

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Holographic Craft Vinyl

opal and holographic vinyl
Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

If you are a fan of flowers, you wouldn't want to miss out on owning a roll of holographic glass flower vinyl. With this vinyl, you can make cool craft projects  with floral patterns for doors, windows, mirrors, vases, picture frames, scrap booking, and other home decors.

Holographic vinyl comes in six beautiful colors in the sizes  12” x 5ft and 12” x 82ft. These are compatible with most cutting machines. A high tack transfer paper and  a low adhesive cutting mat are needed for this vinyl.

Holographic Glass Flower Vinyl in Silver
Holographic Glass Flower Vinyl in Silver

Also Available in Fuschia, Lilac, Rose Gold, Aqua, and Black

TeckWrap Craft recommends that you stock up on holographic chrome vinyl bundle sets. There are six fun bundle choices you can choose from. Each set includes 20 rolls of vinyl with a dimension of 12” x 5 ft.

Holographic Chrome Vinyl Bundle Set A
Holographic Chrome Vinyl Bundle Set A

If you love opal and holographic vinyl, you will definitely enjoy this bundle deal. TeckWrap Craft prepared these bundles to aid you in making decisions on which vinyl to purchase. All sets are beautifully curated. Best selling vinyls can become substitutes in case some vinyls are unavailable.

opal holographic vinyl
Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

TeckWrap Craft has a wide selection of holographic vinyl that you can choose from. All these patterns are unique and fun to experiment with. If you are planning on improving your crafting skills, you may want to try holographic vinyl to witness more crafting magic!

Here are some of the other holographic vinyl that TeckWrap Craft is offering:

Holographic Starlight Vinyl in Rose Gold
Holographic Starlight Vinyl in Rose Gold
Also Available in Silver, Metallic Brush Silver, Ultra Purple, and Gold
Holographic Cobblestone Vinyl in Red
Holographic Cobblestone Vinyl in Red
Also Available in Purple, Black, Gold, Sapphire, Silver, Rose Pink, and Aqua
Holographic Sparkle Vinyl in Green
Also Available in Rose Red, Silver, Rose Gold, Bright Blue, Purple, Crystal Rose Gold, and Glitter Mermaid Pink


Holographic Glossy Rainbow Vinyl in Luxury Gold
Also Available in Silver, Matte Rainbow Silver, Rose Gold, Dark Gray, Pumpkin Orange, and Emerald Green

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl
Image from TeckWrap Craft Website

Make your shirts standout by using holographic HTV. This vinyl displays a prism-like 3D effect which is very attractive and attention-grabbing. This flexible and durable vinyl comes in 20 amazing colors that seem to dance when hit by sunlight.

These vinyl rolls have a dimension of 10” x 5ft that are easy to work with and compatible with most vinyl cutters. Read more about instructions on how to use a heat press.

Holographic HTV in Royal Blue
Holographic HTV in Royal Blue
Also Available in Orange, Sky Blue, Black, Violet, Gold, Aqua, Fuchsia, Rainbow, Stripe, Circle and Many More

Holographic Opal Vinyl

Holographic opal adhesive vinyl comes in 16 wonderful colors and patterns that can easily brighten any crafting project. Holographic opal vinyl is smooth with glossy finish that can easily be cut, weeded, and transferred to various surfaces.

This vinyl has a strong self adhesive without the sticky residue. This is great to use for banner decals, signages, glass graphics and many more. This waterproof and versatile vinyl comes in three sizes: 12” x 10ft, 12” x 5ft, and 12” x 82ft.

Holographic Opal Pattern Craft Vinyl in Opal Mermaid Scales
Holographic Opal Pattern Craft Vinyl in Opal Mermaid Scales

Also Available in Peach Yellow Mermaid Scales, Opal Leopard, Opal Rose, Rose Red Dots, Geometric, and Many More

Ideas for Decorative Craft Gifts

Opal and Holographic vinyl are highly versatile and durable vinyl types. They can adhere to different surfaces and produce high quality vinyl designs. You can create everlasting gifts or home decor with holographic opal vinyl:


Holographic Rose Gold Vinyl on Cake Topper
Holographic Rose Gold Vinyl on Cake Topper from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page
Holographic HTV Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page
Holographic HTV Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page
Opal Vinyl Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page
Opal Vinyl Screenshot Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Transfer Tape

Working with opal holographic craft vinyl, you need reliable transfer tape. TeckWrap Craft offers four types of transfer tape that you can use for different crafting needs. These transfer tapes come in 12” x 10 ft size and are easy to use and cut. If you want to know how to properly use a transfer tape, you can read this blog from TeckWrap Craft.

Transfer Tape in Purple Grid
Also Available in Matte, Gray Grid, and Yellow Grid


Is opal vinyl permanent?

Yes, opal vinyl is permanent. These can be used for banners, window decals, car stickers, and other smooth flat surface.

Is holographic vinyl permanent vinyl?

Yes, holographic vinyl is permanent. Holographic vinyl is characterized by a strong adhesive which makes it a good fit for indoor decals and signs for outdoor application.

Get More Creative with Opal & Holographic Vinyl!

This amazing vinyl can be shipped within the US and worldwide. TeckWrap Craft makes sure that all the vinyl in their collection and all your crafting needs are always in stock to give you the best products and services possible. With holographic opal vinyl, you can breathe joy into your crafting projects! Checkout now!


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