Craft Vinyl Rolls

Craft vinyls come in an assortment of sizes and a variety of color, types and texture.

To best understand the many presentation variations or categories of craft vinyls, let us go through the size variations one by one.

Craft Vinyl Formats

Sample Book Set

If you are new to the craft vinyl journey, and still low in awareness on this craft staple,  but seriously contemplating on making this a serious hobby, the sample book set is a good product to get started.

To date there are 5 sample sets, each containing vinyl samples in exciting palettes, designs, and patterns. It's a good way to see the shades, designs and textures up close before deciding on what to order since many colors, shades and hues are similar.

Each swatch in the sample set is properly labeled with a code and the name of the vinyl.

Do run your fingers along the textured vinyls and be amazed at the luxurious finish.

Or be visually delighted and enthralled by our opal, holographic and shimmering designs.

This set will come in handy when you are comparing similar hues or contemplating on designs, quality and textures you want to use for your DIY projects.

Craft Vinyl

Beginner Sheets Pack

Beginner Sheets Pack come in two kinds, the htv pack and the permanent vinyl pack. Both contain 22 pcs of assorted colored vinyls.

HTV or heat transfer vinyl is ideal to use on fabrics, like shirts, aprons, caps and will require a heat press machine.

The permanent adhesive vinyl is applied to non-frabric items such as glass, plastic, and wood.

These vinyls are fun to use to create unique one of a kind projects. Sometimes you only need a small piece of vinyl for scrapbooking for example, you can simply cut the desired size and leave the rest for future use.

Craft Vinyl Sheets
Craft Vinyl Sheets

Beginner Starter Packs

Beginner starter packs are a good way to experiment with assorted vinyls packed according to their type, use or even design. There is a wide variety of these packs to choose from.

Examples of Types

  • Glossy vinyl will give your designs a shiny appearance and their colours a vibrant pop. A popular option for use in window and glass sign.
    glossy vinyl sheets

  • Matte vinyl can give off a subtle, more muted finish.
    matte vinyl sheets

  • Glow in the dark
    Glow in the dark craft vinyl

  • Textured
    textured craft vinyl

Examples of Use

A good example would be color changing vinyls, which is the adhesive vinyl of choice for mugs, tumblers and glasses. As the name suggests, this adhesive vinyl changes color when there is a change in temperature.

craft vinyl

Examples of Design

Beyond the basic color schemes, there are specialty permanent vinyls in these packs that come in eye-catching  vibrant designs, perfect for your one of a kind, customized projects. Some of our more popular designs include:

Vinyl Rolls

Somewhere along in your crafting journey, as you navigate your way trying out vinyl from starter packs, you will soon discover a preference for certain vinyl shades, hues, uses, texture.

Well, we have good news!

Many of the vinyl hues found in the sample set, sheet and starter packs also come in vinyl rolls format as well, which is the ideal option if you are making projects by the quantity or simply doing a diy for a large area requiring more vinyls.

With more and more videos, tips and tools available to watch on the web, many a novice hobbyist to serious enthusiasts have opted to customize, personalize and design their creative vinyl endeavors by using vinyls. Why so? Because using vinyl can be more cost effective, is easy to apply, low maintenance and can drastically improve the look of a project in no time. It’s also so easy to order these items online and once you sign up, many platforms offer convenient shipping.

Our vinyls comes in two popular roll sizes:

  • Five (5) feet roll vinyl
  • Ten (10) feet roll vinyl

Craft vinyl rolls extensive hues are so eye-catching you will most definitely stock up hues of the same palette.

Craft Vinyl Rolls Categories

To give you an idea and help you explore the wonderful world of craft vinyls, let’s learn about the different types we carry so that you can easily figure which vinyl product you can apply to your projects (i.e. decals, signs, etc).

Candy Colored Vinyl

This adhesive vinyl is perfect for dainty cute projects that require a subtle pop of color in pastel hues.

Candy Colored Vinyl
Candy Colored Vinyl

Opal and Holo Vinyl

Make your vinyl ideas come to life with the sparkling opal and holo vinyl series.  

With its many different styles available, this permanent vinyl’s unique designs will add eye catching dimensions to your dazzling crafting creations.

Opal and Holo Vinyl

Color Changing Vinyl

This vinyl is truly one of a kind, the vinyl changes in color once there is a change in temperature or exposure.

If you want to give an any-occasion craft gift, this vinyl is highly recommended, your recipient will surely love the effect of what they think is a permanent color suddenly changing to another hue right before their eyes. It was as if their eyes were playing tricks on them.

Color Changing Vinyl
Color Changing Vinyl

Textured Metallic Vinyl

Add an elegant shimmer to your projects with textured metallic vinyl.

This adhesive vinyl adds a luxurious depth making your projects more stylish.

This will work well on funky walls, windows and wooden signs.

Textured Metallic Vinyl

Rainbow Stripes Vinyl

SInce the rainbow design permanent vinyl is a well received design staple, there are a variety of permanent vinyl in this pattern so suit any customized craft project, simply cut to your preferred favorite size and shape.

Rainbow Stripes Vinyl

Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl works well with projects holiday themed designs, like Halloween, because it gives the decal a unique reflective gloss and shine. This is easy to apply even on wall and glass surfaces.

reflective adhesive vinyl

Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Definitely a crowd favorite because of its practical and decorative uses.

It lights up beautifully in the dark and features 7 luminous colors that are sure to take your breath away!

This premium quality craft vinyl is sure to retain its shimmer for a long time, a sure sign of many years of reflective fun.

Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Pattern Vinyl

Permanent pattern vinyl makes for easy craft projects. No need to print on plain permanent vinyl to get these unique patterns.

Pattern Vinyl

Plaid Vinyl

This unique design is a popular Christmas themed craft permanent vinyl, so make sure you have these for the season.

Plaid Vinyl

Shimmer and Glitter Vinyl

This adhesive vinyl comes in a delightful assortment of designs. Here are a few examples:

Glitter Brush Adhesive Vinyl
shimmer glitter vinyl
Glitter Brush Adhesive Vinyl
Burst Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl
Burst Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl

Matte and Glossy Vinyl

Our classic craft vinyl staples that come in bold and pastel colors to suit any craft project. You can never go wrong with this all time favorite adhesive vinyl category.

Matte and Glossy Vinyl
Matte and Glossy Vinyl

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