Beer Can Glasses with Bamboo Lid (NO STRAW)

44.00 SR


Treat your friends to a fun toast with our shiny, sturdy, and easy-grab Beer Can Glasses. Perfect for pouring sodas, cocktails, beer, or juice, these can-shaped glasses have a smooth rim for easy and spill-free drinking.

Our beer cans come with a lightweight bamboo lid and a small straw hole so you can lock your can and still enjoy drinking! With a 16oz & 20oz capacity, these can glasses are ideal for enjoying summer-y drinks all through the day without a need to re-fill.

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Feel free to unleash your artistry and decorate the cans with our colorful vinyl craft. The glassware is durable, easy-to-store, and will last you for many, many pool parties and picnics.


  • Sturdy glassware that withstands clinks and splashes 
  • Large 16-oz capacity for holding more liquid 
  • fits with 16oz or 20oz svg files on etsy
  • Read measurements before purchase
  • Smooth, curved rim for spill-free drinking 
  • Ideal for sodas, cocktails, juice, beer, or water 
  • Lightweight, stylish bamboo lid with a straw hole 
  • Easy storage 
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 16oz glass x1 + bamboo lid x 1  Or 20oz glass x1 + bamboo lid x 1 

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