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Transfer Tape - US to US / 10ft / Matte Transfer Tape - TeckwrapCraft
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Transfer tape

Table of Contents

Transfer Tape Products at TeckWrap Craft

If you’re working on adhesive craft vinyl projects, you know there’s one thing that shouldn’t be missing on your workstation — transfer tape. There are plenty of transfer tape products out there, how will you choose the best one?

Presenting to you TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape products. Whichever type of adhesive craft vinyl you’re working on, TeckWrap Craft has the suitable transfer paper for you to use. Here’s everything you need to know about Transfer Tape Products at TeckWrap Craft.

transfer tape for vinyl


What is a transfer tape?

A transfer tape also known as application tape is a plastic or paper film used to transfer adhesive craft vinyl into merchandise like a mug or tumbler. A transfer tape is a must-have supply if you plan on custom-printing merchandise using adhesive craft vinyl.

In case you haven’t worked with a transfer tape before, the photo below is what a transfer tape looks like. Did you know that transfer tapes come in different types? That’s why at TeckWrap Craft, there are five transfer tapes available, to suit your every crafting need.

teckwrap craft transfer tape


What is vinyl transfer tape used for?

A transfer tape is used to transfer adhesive craft vinyl into merchandise. Consider the transfer tape as a mode of transferring an adhesive craft vinyl into merchandise. If you want to custom-print on merchandise like mugs or tumblers, you’re going to need a transfer tape.

You can also use transfer tape to custom-print on walls or window graphics using an adhesive craft vinyl and transfer tape. In short, if you want to personalize any merchandise or surface, a transfer tape in your work section is a must!

Transfer Tape Products at TeckWrap Craft

TeckWrap Craft offers nothing but the best. You can only expect premium transfer tape that’s easy to use, affordable, and will be your craft partner while working on TeckWrap Craft’s adhesive vinyl.

As mentioned, TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape comes in different products. Here’s what you need to know about each product.

  1. Yellow Grid Transfer Tape (Strong Grip)

If you’re working on glitter or shimmer vinyl, you should use TeckWrap Craft’s Yellow Grid Transfer Tape. Among all the transfer tape products at TeckWrap Craft, the yellow grid has the strongest grip. That’s why it’s primarily recommended for use on glitter vinyl.

As you know, glitter vinyl has thicker and heavier material. A light or medium grip transfer tape won’t work for glitter vinyl, only strong grip transfer tape will do. On the other hand, if you use the yellow transfer tape to lighter types of adhesive craft vinyl like the 001 series of TeckWrap Craft, it’s not ideal.

using transfer tape for vinyl projects
  1. Purple Grid Transfer Tape

Another product of TeckWrap Craft is the Purple Grid Transfer Tape. This transfer tape is a medium tack adhesive that’s not too sticky but is easy enough to lift in surfaces and stick adhesive craft vinyl.

Just like the yellow transfer tape mentioned above, it has grid lines to guide you to properly align your designs. TeckWrap Craft’s Purple Grid Transfer Tape is recommended for use on TeckWrap Craft’s 001 series vinyl, both for matte and glossy adhesive craft vinyl. It’s best used for opal and holographic vinyl as well.

transfer tape for vinyl
  1. Gray Grid Transfer Tape

If you're working on opal and holographic adhesive craft vinyl, then it is best to use the Gray Grid Transfer Tape of TeckWrap Craft. Just like the purple transfer tape, the gray grid transfer tape is a medium-tack adhesive.

Its gray grid square can significantly help you with perfect alignment when working on your designs. You can use this transfer tape when working on small and large projects. Whether you’re working in windows, plastics, walls, ceramics, or plastics.

medium tack transfer tape


  1. Red Grid Transfer Tape

Another medium tack vinyl from TeckWrap Crat is the Red Grid Transfer Tape. It’s a new transfer tape product of TeckWrap Craft. Unlike the other transfer tapes mentioned above, this product is unique. The red grid transfer tape has a semi-translucent backing.

In fact, this type of transfer tape is recommended for use when layering multiple colors of adhesive craft vinyl. What’s best is the red grid transfer tape can be used as parchment paper or wax paper. The red grid transfer tape is perfect for use when you’re working on the 001 series and reflective vinyl of TeckWrap Craft.


transfer tape for vinyl

  1. Matte Transfer Tape (No Grid Lines)

Of all TeckWrap Crafft’s transfer tape products, the Matte Transfer Tape has no grid lines. At first, you may mistake it for a regular clear tape, but it’s not. By far, it is also the only light to medium tack vinyl offered at TeckWrap Craft. You can use this on any textured surfaces whether be it plastic, ceramic, walls, or windows.

It may not have grid lines, but there are plenty of crafters who prefer working on transfer tapes without lines. Who knows? You might be one of them. It is one of the best transfer tapes at TeckWrap Craft.

TeckWrap Craft’s YouTube: What Is the Difference Between All Transfer Tapes of TeckWrapCraft?

In a nutshell, when choosing the transfer tapes at TeckWrap Craft, here’s what you should remember:

  • Use high tack transfer tape (yellow grid transfer tape) for specialty or heavy types of heat transfer vinyl such as glitter vinyl.
  • Medium grip transfer tapes like purple, gray, and red are best used for regular vinyl like holographic, opal, and 001 series of TeckWrap Craft vinyl.

How to use transfer tape with vinyl?

To use a transfer tape with vinyl, start with the vinyl decals using your cutting machine. Other art supplies you’re going to need are:

  • Squeegee or scraper tool
  • Cleaning supplies (clean cloth, cotton pad, and alcohol)
  • Masking tape (optional)

TeckWrap Craft also has accessories sold like squeegees, weeding tools, cutting mats, and many more. So make sure to check it out. As for the other supplies mentioned above, they can be easily bought in-store or in supermarkets.

adhesive vinyl projects

If this is your first time working with a transfer tape, pay close attention because this section is important. Granting you already have the vinyl design ready and have weeded the excess vinyl. Make sure to weed even from the tiniest vinyl cuts. The next step is the use of a transfer tape:

  • Cut the size of the transfer tape, to at least half an inch bigger than the actual vinyl design.
  • Remove the paper backing of the transfer tape.
  • Place the transfer tape with the sticky side facing down the vinyl. Start with one corner and work your way up to the center using a squeegee or scraper tool.
  • Using your squeegee, burn the transfer tape into adhesive craft vinyl and remove bubbles. It is best to work on a flat surface to ensure proper transfer of the vinyl into the merchandise.
  • Lift the transfer tape slowly, and the vinyl will be attached to the transfer tape.
  • Clean the surface of the merchandise using a clean cloth and alcohol.
  • Place the transfer tape with a vinyl design onto the merchandise.
  • Use masking tape on all corners of the transfer tape to ensure that the design is kept in place.
  • Use a squeegee once again to ensure proper transfer of the vinyl onto the merchandise.
  • That’s it!

To understand better, make sure to watch the instructional video attached below. Make sure to remove all wrinkles and bubbles using your squeegee. Additionally, avoid working in a dust-free environment because dust may easily stick to the transfer tape.

YouTube source TeckCrap Craft: Tricks to use teckwrapcraft transfer tape

Tips When Using Transfer Tape

In the future, for sure, you’ll have plenty of custom-printing projects coming your way. In this case, you need to be equipped with the proper ways to use transfer tape in order to avoid any errors and any waste of materials. So here are some tips you should remember when using transfer tape:

  • When cutting the transfer tape, make sure to cut the size that’s slightly bigger than the adhesive craft vinyl. To give you an idea, the transfer tape should be ½ inch bigger than the vinyl design.
  • Always clean the merchandise. Whether you’re custom-printing on glass or plastic, the surface should be cleaned with a cotton pad and alcohol before transferring the vinyl.
  • Reuse the transfer tape 3-4 times as long as its adhesives are still intact. Make sure to return the paper backing of the transfer tape to maintain its adhesiveness.
  • Work slowly when transferring the vinyl and burnish it properly.
  • Always start with one corner and work your way down.
  • When lifting the transfer tape, and the vinyl comes off, stick it back and try burnishing again.
  • Vinyl sticks best to smooth and flat surfaces. It is hard to transfer vinyl into textured surfaces like unfinished wood or walls.
  • If you’re working on curved surfaces, cut a small portion of the corners of the transfer tape to ensure proper transfer.
  • Stock up with transfer tapes of different grip or tack types. As mentioned, there’s a specific type of transfer tape for a particular style of transfer tape. That’s why if you expect to work on different kinds of projects in the future, it is best to stock up on different kinds of transfer tape. Using the wrong type of transfer tape may lead the project to waste because the vinyl might go to waste.

Why choose TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape?

TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape is one of the highly recommended products in the market. There are plenty of transfer tape brands out there. One of the famous brands is the Cricut vinyl transfer tape.

But TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape is popularly emerging in the market as one of the best brands used by many crafters. Why choose TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape products? Here are several reasons why you should use TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape.


TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape is versatile. It can be used to create small and large projects even on small merchandise or for big graphics on walls or windows. Furthermore, the transfer tape is versatile because it can be used on most surfaces. You can use it on plastic, metals, ceramics, and even on walls or windows.

Comes in Two Sizes

Whether you’re working on large format projects or custom-print on small merchandise, you can choose either of the two sizes of TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape. If you’re working on large graphics, you should use the 12” x 82 ft transfer tape. Meanwhile, if you like to custom-print on mugs or tumblers, the 12” x 10 ft is more than enough.

Leaves No Residue

One issue many crafters experience when working on transfer tapes is the residue left behind. That issue is least likely to happen with TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape especially when you follow the right process. In order to avoid leaving residue, whether you’re using TeckWrap Craft’s or Cricut transfer tape, here are several tips to remember:

  • Use the right type of grip depending on the vinyl you used.
  • Do not leave the tape too long on the surface as it may dry up.
  • Clean the surface before sticking the transfer tape with vinyl. Also, work in a dust-free environment. Dust may collect on the transfer tape and may look like a sticky residue left behind.
vinyl sheets


Available in Strong and Medium Tack Adhesive

What you’ll love about shopping at TeckWrap Craft is the availability of many products. You can buy both strong and medium tack transfer tape at TeckWrap Craft. Not to mention, the many selections of adhesive craft vinyl.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a specific type of transfer tape for a different vinyl. So if you’re working on different kinds of vinyl, it is best to have both strong and medium grip transfer tape readily available on your workstation.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is transfer tape used for?

Transfer tape is used for transferring an adhesive craft vinyl design into merchandise or surface. If you custom-print on merchandise like mugs or tumblers using adhesive craft vinyl, you need to use a transfer tape to transfer the vinyl design.

What's the difference between transfer paper and transfer tape?

A transfer paper is a specially coated paper that is used to transfer or print designs into a garment using heat and pressure. Meanwhile, a transfer tape is used to transfer an adhesive craft vinyl into merchandise when custom-printing. Both products are mistaken all the time, but they are different.

Do you need transfer tape for vinyl?

Yes, transfer tape is necessary when you’re working with adhesive craft vinyl. There would be no other way to move the vinyl design that’s newly cut into the merchandise without using transfer tape.

What do you do if your vinyl won't stick to transfer tape?

If the vinyl won’t stick to the transfer tape, there may be several reasons — the transfer tape is filled with dust, you’re using the wrong grip of transfer tape or the transfer tape has expired. So make sure to avoid these things to ensure that the vinyl will stick to the transfer tape.

How long can you leave transfer tape on vinyl?

It is best to remove the transfer tape immediately upon application onto the merchandise. But do not rush the process, ensure to burnish the vinyl properly and remove the transfer tape slowly to make sure the vinyl sticks well to the surface.

How many times can you reuse transfer tape for vinyl?

You can reuse transfer tape for vinyl 3-4 times as long as you reattach it to the transfer tape’s paper backing. So make sure not to throw away your used transfer tape and paper backing when making a project.

Do you remove the backing from the vinyl before cutting?

No, you do not remove the backing from the vinyl before cutting. In fact, the backing of the adhesive craft vinyl stays in place when burnishing the transfer tape into the vinyl. The paper backing is removed when the transfer tape is lifted up from the vinyl.


adhesive vinyl projects

Stock up Your Workshop with Transfer Tape Now!

Stop looking for the best transfer tape because you’ve already found it. Make sure to stock up your workshop with TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape. Whether you’re working on a design with intricate details or glitter vinyl, use TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape.

While stocking up on TeckWrap Craft’s transfer tape, stock up on adhesive craft vinyl selections of TeckWrap Craft. Also, you’ll find other accessories, craft blanks, cake toppers, beer can glasses, and many more for your future projects.